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For Sale By Owner - Transaction (Non-Agency) $375
Applies when Seller & Buyer have pre-agreed to details of sale

While it is a relatively simple process, the sale of a home "BY OWNER" can seem overwhelming to some people, especially the paperwork. For the low price of $375, James Paradise will prepare the necessary paperwork for you, and lead you through the closing process. It's an unbeatable value!

Paperwork Covered:
 * Purchase & Sale Agreement Form (5-Pages)
 * Disclosure of Lead-Based Paint & Hazards Form (2-Pages)
 * Seller Disclosure Forms (5-Pages)
 * Financing Addendum (2-Pages)
 * Insurance Addendum
 * Inspection Addendum (multiple options)
 * Plus a variety of Special Addendum Forms to fit Seller's and Buyer's individual needs.

This is a service that can cost sellers THOUSANDS of dollars, but you can get it here for just $375. Be careful, often forms you purchase from a store are outdated and incomplete to protect both Seller and Buyer. Likewise, forms provided free by some banks and title companies do not include the many details that protect both parties of the sale. These self-service forms leave many details out and are may not be binding should problems arise during the closing process. For a comparatively small price, assure that your transaction is legally binding, with proper documentation and all parties are protected.

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